It’s Trifon Zarezan: happy Wine Day!

It's Trifon Zarezan: happy Wine Day!

It’s Trifon Zarezan: happy Wine Day!

What? You thought 14 February is Valentine’s Day? Not in Bulgaria… or at least not traditionally. On 14 February, Eastern Orthodox Bulgarians celebrate Trifon Zarezan (Трифон Зарезан) or the day of Saint Tryphon, patron of vine growers and wine makers, according to the Old Style (Julian calendar).

This curious Bulgarian holiday stems from the tradition of cutting the vines in February so that they grow properly and provide a great quality and quantity of wine come autumn. And of course, Bulgarians saw fitting to add a fair bit of wine drinking to this feast, ensuring some unforgettable fun is to be had in the evening! That is, if you don’t black out instead…

Of course, in the last few decades Valentine’s Day has gained in popularity among couples in Bulgaria, yet some pairs and particularly singles prefer honouring Trifon Zarezan. Though who’s to say you can’t celebrate both? A candlelight dinner with a few bottles of enchanting Bulgarian wine and your significant other by your side… it hardly gets any better!

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  1. Happy to report on Sunday 15th February in Kresna, I participated in cutting the vines and pouring over some Melnik varietal wine from last year’s harvest, as a guest of a local family.

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