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Who am I?

The kashkaval tourist himself on top of Mount Vihren

The kashkaval tourist himself on top of Mount Vihren

My name is Todor and I’m Bulgarian born and bred. I’m a designer by trade, but my incessant obsessions have always been culture, nature, history and mythology, particularly of my lovely homeland Bulgaria and the wider region of the Balkans.

I’ve travelled a fair bit – I’ve taught English as a volunteer in Chilean Patagonia and I recently did a master’s in North Germany – but I’ve never been able to get Bulgaria and the Balkans out of my mind, so with this blog I’m giving an outlet to this passion of mine.

I love hiking, antique architecture, the Middle Ages, off-the-beaten-path destinations, languages and traditional food and drink, so expect to be reading a lot about those!

What’s with the name?

In Bulgarian, ‘kashkaval tourist’ (кашкавал турист) is a joke term mostly used to refer to amateur hikers – those people who go to the mountains bringing ample lunch food and stopping to have an hour-long picnic as opposed to following the strict schedule of ‘serious’ mountaineers.

Since kashkaval is a delicious kind of Bulgarian yellow cheese (a must try when visiting the country!) and this blog focuses on tourism opportunities, I thought it fitting to use the term as the name of my blog. Hence the cheese grater-turned-suitcase I’m using for the logo!

Get in touch!

If you want to share an article idea, ask me a question about Bulgaria and the Balkans, comment on a recent piece or just practice your fluent cursing skills in Bulgarian (or Serbian, if you’re really mad at me), go ahead and write me an e-mail using the form below. I read all messages – and I’m well-versed in my own set of Balkan curse words if you’re into that!


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  • kashkaval tourist is a member of ASTOM, the Bulgarian travel bloggers’ association.
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