Happy Easter! Hristos voskrese!

Today happens to be Easter for Eastern Orthodox Christians like most Bulgarians as well as for Catholics and Protestants. Kashkaval tourist wishes you a Happy Easter!

If you’re set on celebrating Easter (Великден, Velikden) the Bulgarian way, don’t forget that:

  • Eggs are painted on Thursday and Saturday during the Holy Week, never on any other day. The first egg must be painted red and is saved for as long as possible to bring good fortune and prosperity to the family.
  • At midnight, you go around your local church three times in a counter-clockwise direction, carrying a candle in your hand (and trying to keep the flame burning during the whole procession!)
  • Kozunak (козунак) is the most delicious sweet bread in existence. Now’s your chance to try it!
  • The traditional greeting among Bulgarian Christians is in Church Slavonic. It goes as follows: Hristos voskrese (Христос воскресе), meaning “Christ is risen”. The proper response is: Voistina voskrese (Воистина воскресе), “Truly, He is risen”.
  • Egg fighting begins from midnight on and whoever has the strongest egg (the “beater”) will be the healthiest during the year. However, beware of cheaters with wooden eggs!

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