Listen to the captivating Bulgarian History Podcast!

Did you know that Bulgaria’s decisive help saved Constantinople — and most likely all of Europe — from Arab conquest in the 8th century? Eric Halsey knows and wants to tell you about it.

bghist-logoEric, an American from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., fell in love with Bulgaria so much that he is dead set on living in and exploring the country. Together with his Bulgarian partner Martin Christov, Eric records and publishes The Bulgarian History Podcast: a fascinating series providing an insight into Bulgaria and the Balkans’ dramatic history.

Eric and Martin aim to both increase knowledge of Bulgarian history as well as to get people to think more critically about it — after all, truth is a relative concept, especially in Balkan historiography. This makes the Bulgarian History Podcast perfect for English speakers who want to know more about our region’s volatile past.

With six episodes already released and many more to come, Eric’s podcast provides for captivating and informative listening. Give it a shot and learn about Bulgarians’ arrival to the Balkans and their epic wars with Byzantium!

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