Ordering food online with foodpanda (service review)

foodpanda's restaurant selection may be used to order traditional Bulgarian dishes... or a surefire Italian pizza.

foodpanda’s restaurant selection may be used to order traditional Bulgarian dishes… or a surefire Italian pizza. Photo credit: Ikonact, Wikipedia.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by the online food delivery service foodpanda, asking me to review their service and share my opinion with the kashkaval tourist readership. Over the weekend, I used this opportunity and ordered a family dinner through foodpanda’s service.

foodpanda basically acts as a platform connecting restaurants and customers and currently operates in 8 Bulgarian towns. I found the selection of restaurants in Sofia pretty good, with things like traditional Bulgarian food and Balkan grill, Italian cuisine, sushi and stir-fried wok to choose from. However, I noticed that other Bulgarian towns usually have only a few restaurants on offer and as a result the selection can be quite limited there.

The app and the website are available with both an English and a Bulgarian interface, which is great if you’re still unfamiliar with the Cyrillic alphabet and the local language. Unfortunately though, most restaurant menus are only in Bulgarian, so some Google Translate will be unavoidable there

My own user experience with foodpanda was quite seamless. I selected a local pizza place that I had been recommended by friends, placed my order entirely online, paid by debit card and received a confirmation from the restaurant literally within a minute. The food arrived warm and fresh and no wonder, as the delivery happened well before the promised arrival time… so a job well done on that part!

Overall, I’d say testing foodpanda made for a smooth and pleasant experience and I can recommend it if you’re in Sofia at the moment and you’re confident you can manage with reading a restaurant menu in Bulgarian. If you’re outside the capital and the least bit of Cyrillic writing scares you though, you’ll have to deal with some issues.

2 thoughts on “Ordering food online with foodpanda (service review)

  1. I’m glad you had a great experience with ordering online. You just alerted me to some great benefits of having the ability to do so. Ordering online resolves any language barriers that may exist! This should be known by any restaurant owners who are looking to boost their sales.

  2. First they charge you and then they disregard any issues or complaint from the customer. I fpaying with credit card, they retain your money for 7 days and they don’t send the food. Very bad service in Sofia.

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