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If you’re run into kashkaval tourist coincidentally, you may be wondering what this is all about. And no coincidence, for a Balkan person it’s very easy to just keep on rambling about different things and to deviate from the topic of conversation into “spicier” topics like football, politics and, yes, sex.

To keep this blog structured – both for your easy reading and for my own mental health – here are a few reasons why you would keep on following this blog.

1. If you’re considering or planning a trip to (South-Eastern) Europe and you’re looking for unique destinations

Organized holidays won't take you to this charming little medieval church. But my tips will!

Organized holidays won’t take you to this charming little medieval church. But my tips will!

While Bulgaria has a fairly developed tourism industry, most of these tourists come on all-inclusive beach or ski holidays. They get picked up from the airport, they are driven to their hotel, they spend a week or two at the beach or at the ski runs… and then they go back home. Usually these travelers miss Bulgaria’s unique sides almost entirely and they may not even remember which country they visited exactly. Was it Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia or Greece that they went to?

Particularly in Bulgaria, package holidays make relatively little use of the country’s magnificent nature and heritage. If you travel independently (or at least take advantage of your free days in a clever way), you will discover a charming place of serenity, untouched nature and beautiful traditions.

With this blog, I hope to show holiday makers that Bulgaria is an amazing and unique destination for a European vacation by revealing its hidden gems through my personal perspective and giving you tips on how to relish them yourself. After all, who could be a better guide to Bulgaria than a Bulgarian passionate about his country?

2. If you have an interest or a personal relation to Bulgaria and the Balkans and want to learn more about this place

The Balkans are a fascinating place that has gone through many ages and influences.

The Balkans are a fascinating place that has gone through many ages and influences.

If you have an interest or at least a slight curiosity in the history and culture of this special part of the world, then I am hopeful you will find this blog entertaining and useful. Balkan languages and dialects, history, culture and architecture are all favourite topics of mine, and I particularly like to find parallels and common things between different parts of the turbulent and ancient Balkan region.

This place has lived through the times of Ancient Thracians, Greeks and Romans, it has seen the rise and fall of Constantinople and the clashing influences of Christianity and Islam (in nearly all of their branches!) and it has survived the grip of communism and capitalism, not before it ignited the First World War. All of these changes have shaped Bulgaria and the Balkans into an extraordinary and culturally diverse area – a true melting pot for you to explore!

3. If you’re an expat in Bulgaria and want to establish a deeper connection (even though you may still be struggling with the Bulgarian language and customs)

You may be living in Bulgaria for years and never discover its hidden rural gems on your own.

You may be living in Bulgaria for years and never discover its hidden rural gems on your own.

I’ve come to know many foreigners who have chosen to or ended up living in Bulgaria for one reason or another. Many of these people would love to get to know the country and its culture better. And while Bulgarians are known for their hospitality, it may be a daunting task to make yourself at home in a very different and specific environment.

I hope to make all of these expats’ lives in Bulgaria just a little bit easier by revealing more about the country’s cultural quirks and getting them excited about Bulgaria’s cuisine, literature, cinema, nightlife and music – both the established classics and the newest trends and events in those!

8 thoughts on “3 reasons why you should follow this blog

  1. Great stuff. I’m a Canadian living in Sunny Beach and I love BG.

    Explored quite a bit of this beautiful country and I’ll be checking your blog regularly for tips and destinations.

    Cheers from Cambodia (on a holiday here right now)

  2. Hey, great blog, keep up the good work! I taught languages in a high school in Sliven for a while and got the chance to travel a bit, check out my blog for some of my impressions. These days I am studying in Germany but still influenced by my time in BG.

  3. This blog is fantastic, thank you!
    We are new to Bulgaria (arrived in Jan) so all tips are more then welcome.

  4. Hey, Todor! I was also first introduced to Bulgaria visiting Sunny Beach (like matt) in the summer (great destination for parties). However I was almost going to miss some of the beauties in Bulgaria if it wasn’t for my Bulgarian friends. They dragged me to Plovdiv to see the Old city and we also drank some beer on those hills in the center. I believe they called it Tepe or something like that. Anyways really beautiful city and culture. Will be back to see more not only the sea sight 🙂 Great post!

  5. Great Blog, We have lived in Bulgaria for about 7 Years, and really enjoy living here, Having found your blog we can find out the hidden places to explore, well done!

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