Bulgarian folklore across the ocean: support kaba gaida to Chicago and beyond!

Do you love Bulgarian music and would you like to help five young bagpipe players represent the unique Bulgarian folklore at festivals in Chicago and Richmond this autumn? The team of KabaGaida.com, who offer free online tutorials for Bulgarian kaba gaida bagpipe enthusiasts, have been invited to the World Music Festival Chicago and the Richmond Folk Festival.

To be able to cover their significant airfares and visa fees and be able to perform Bulgarian bagpipe music at these festivals, the KabaGaida.com team and the Kaynak Pipers Band have started a fundraiser at Indiegogo. Help them raise awareness about Bulgarian folklore and make their American dream come true by donating!

8 iconic songs that defined Bulgarian music. Photo credit: MrPanyGoff, Wikipedia.

8 iconic songs that defined Bulgarian music

With its influences from East and West and local interpretations of global musical trends, Bulgarian music offers a great insight into Bulgarian culture and even daily life. Indeed, it may be possible to illustrate much of Bulgaria’s recent history through individual songs, which is a feat even classic Bulgarian films may struggle with!

From a Bulgarian song that’s travelling in outer space right now to the embarrassingly nonsensical Balkan madness of chalga, kashkaval tourist and Ivan Tabakov present 8 iconic songs that defined Bulgarian music!

1. Todor Kolev – Cherno More (Black Sea)

An actor, singer and comedian, Todor Kolev was a leading figure in Bulgarian entertainment for decades. His personal attitude and quirky vocal interjections contributed to him building a trademark style that nobody has been able to replicate after his death. Truth be told, few artists have managed to enchant the masses the same way he used to do.

One of Shumen-born Todor Kolev’s classic hits has to be Black Sea, the merry tale of a transport worker who goes for holiday on the seaside. Enjoying the sun and sea, the character wishes his wife thought he had drowned so that he can enjoy his holiday time forever!

2. Valya Balkanska – Izlel e Delyo haydutin (Delyu the Outlaw has Gone Out)

A folk song from the mystical Rhodope region, Delyu the Outlaw has Gone Out does a great job of revealing the often incredible vocal properties of traditional Bulgarian singing. Dedicated to a semi-legendary freedom fighter against the Ottomans, this folk song sung to the accompaniment of bagpipes rose to international prominence in 1977.

At the time, a version performed by folk singer Valya Balkanska was sent into deep space as part of the Golden Record on board the two Voyager spacecraft. To this day, Bulgarians like to imagine aliens enjoying this piece of Bulgarian folk music and getting inspired to invade our dear planet Earth.

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